3D Industries

3D Industries Australia  services include assistance in the areas of :

  • Design
  • Protoype development
  • Production runs

For Design assistance and Prototype development we can work with the customer to advise on the preparation of the design of the object to be printed. For prototyping, the object  can be printed and evaluated. Changes can be made as a result of the evaluation and the object re printed and re evaluated.

Some of the printed items can contain features that are not easy to produce in a molding or subtractive process. Sometimes the number of items required does not justify the time and expense of setting up to manufacture these in a normal commercial process.

3D Industries can advise on methods for  quantity production of items based on the CAD design, item colour, and quantity.

Where there are several items and or quantities of items to be developed and manufactured, 3D Industries can provide 3D printers, accessories and spare parts on a rental basis so these can be developed in-house.


Please call or email us to discuss your requirements.

Email :  Admin@3dindustriesaustralia.com.au

Tel :       +61 1300785564