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AluhotendV7 - kit

Aluhotend Kit
This is the Aluhotend-V7 kit version.

- The heat-sink is tapped all the way through and a hollow grub screw locking the thermal barrier in place which allows the hot-end length to be micro-adjustable which is very handy for those who want to do a dual extruder setup this also means there is no longer Bowden specific version
currently only 1.75mm hot-ends are produced.

- The hole for the heater cartridge is now a clamping system to ensure full contact around the heater cartridge

Default nozzle size is 0.4 mm

The thermistor used is #10 in Marlin please see here for more details

This hot-end requires a fan blowing on the heatsink for proper operation.

It is highly recommended that a filament cleaner is used to prevent foreign material entering the hot-end and causing a blockage

The kit version is supplied with all of the components (Aluminum heat sink, thermal barrier lined,heater block, themistor, heater cartridge, nozle fan)
The kit version is supplied assembled for component testing but not sealed, so it can be dismantled

Shipping extra

Sources and more information is available on the reprap wiki http://reprap.org/wiki/Aluhotend