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Following on from  the success of the series 5 printers (models Wombat, Joey and Possum) 3D Industries is pleased to announce the  release of the new printers:


  • Model W Largest  700 mm wide 500 mm deep and 500 mm high
  • Model J standard  500 mm wide 500 mm deep and 500 mm high
  • Bespoke model sizes also available

 The series 5 models have been phased out, although updates as a  result of the new printers development have been applied to the current installed base.


The new printers feature: 

  • A truly scaleable design that features two common sizes but permits bespoke versions with taller or smaller, wider or deeper sizes to be produced.
  • A more robust frame using 25 mm square RHS powder coated, instead of the 20 mm RHS previously used,.
  • A revision and update of the X Y and Z gantries featuring 12 mm instead of 8 mm rod with 12 mm linear bearings
  • An update of  the Z gantry structure to ensure a more stable and vibration free bed for the  larger sizes.
  • A revised and more efficient extruder.
  • An efficient filament cleaner system attached to the frame and an anchor point for the filament sleeve ensure that no dust adhering to the filament can enter the extruder and hot end.

 Download the printer specifications from the Download page


Refer below for  details on each printer.