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At 3D Industries we design and manufacture 3D printers and accessories. We offer these for sale on line together with a range of spare parts, and consumables.



New  3D printers from 3D Industries Australia!


Following evaluation of our printers and feedback from users,  3D Industries have introduced new Series 7 3D printers. The new models contain significant upgrades and enhancements. These new 3D printer models are:


Model J -  the standard printer

Model JT - Tower version of the standard model

Model W  -  the extended printer

Model WT - Tower version of the Extended model

Model  P - the compact printer

• Bespoke models (printers scaled to customer requirements)


All of the printers have the same mechanism and main parts differing basically in printer size and build area. The different models show the scale-ability of the product. Bespoke versions, subject to agreement on specifications, can be produced.  For example a different size for printing specific object types.
The extruder is mounted at the top of the frame and moves in both the X and Y Axis.
The object being printed is not moved laterally and slowly descends on the heated build platform as each layer is printed. This provides greater stability and a better print quality.

• A strong welded steel powder coated frame for strength and stability for accuracy of printed objects
A powerful 24V power supply
• CoreXY mechanism with two belts
• Adjustable extruder functionality
• The latest AluHotend and an automatic bed gap sensor
• Hot bed with high efficiency 3DI heater capable of reaching high temperatures very quickly  for different printing requirements and the option of using different print beds
• Filament spool-holder that can be set at different positions for convenience
• Rumba electronics board
• LCD controller module with SD card. No PC or network connections to the printers are required as the object to be printed is stored on the SD card.
• Options for desk top feet, adjustable bolt feet or the ability to bolt the printer to a bench or stand for greater stability.
• An efficient filament cleaner

The Model J is the  standard sized printer with a print platform of 320 mm X 320 mm enabling a build footprint of at least 280 mm X 300 mm and an object height of 265 mm.
The Model W is similar to the  Model J  but with an extended frame with a print platform of 400 mm X 250 mm enabling a build footprint of at least 380 mm X 230 mm and an object height of 265 mm.
The Compact Model P is similar to the  Model J  but with a smaller frame with a print platform of 220 mm X 220 mm enabling a build footprint of at least 200 mm X 200 mm and an object height of 220 mm
The Model WT is a tower version of the   Model W  but with a height of 1000 mm a build height of at least 700 mm
The Model WT is a tower version of the   Model W  but with a height of 1000 mm a build height of at least 700 mm
The bespoke model takes advantage of the scale-ability of the printer design. 3D Industries can quote for the production of a printer with different build platforms and heights.
Refer to the printer products to order the printers.
A kit version of the printers is in progress.

Orders other than printers  we ship orders promptly, by the same or the next business day. We advise the status of the order via email.
We also offer services in the production of prototype units. We can work together with the customer to produce just the right item required and this can then be used as a model for commercial bulk reproduction, or the electronic design can be supplied for customer use.

Please review our web site and the items offered. We are pleased to answer any questions or respond to any requests.
Note: that this site is being constantly updated, as new items are made available.
Specifications can change as new options become available.


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